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Maintenance Request

  • Note: Please be sure to include the make and model number of the appliance. The information is printed somewhere on the appliance, often on a door edge or on the back.
  • Please remember that Tenants are responsible for maintaining their unit, furnishings and appliances in good condition including, but not limited to, routine cleaning, replacing exhaustible items (e.g. lights, smoke detector batteries, fuses), and reasonable steps to prevent and handle simple drain clogs that occur from routine use (e.g. drain screens, plungers). Tenants are responsible for the cost of damages caused by the Tenant, their guests or invitees. Please refer to your lease agreement and addenda for more information regarding these items.
    *If the answer above is “No” then you understand that you will have to be present to provide the contractor access into the unit. Appointments generally require your presence between 8am-5pm on the designated day. We will always knock before entering.
  • Note: (a) If resident has requested an appointment and is not present at the agreed upon time, the service call fee will be charged to the resident. Note: (b) If locks have been changed without Cournale & Co.’s consent, and a contractor is unable to enter the unit for the requested repairs above, the service call fee will be charged to the resident.
    Note: In an emergency situation it may be necessary to enter without any prior notice.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.